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What should all firefighters carry with them?

What Should All Firefighters Carry With Them?

It's often asked, "What tools should a firefighter carry with them"? We firefighters carry different tools with us depending on our fire-grounds role. However, there are a few tools that all firefighters should carry with them no matter what their role.

Examination gloves, and several pairs should be in every firefighter's pockets. When working extrication, it's a good idea to put on a pair of latex free examination gloves under your extrication gloves to prevent contamination should you come in contact with toxic or biohazards fluids.

Another great tool to have on hand is an extra LED flashlight. Many of us have lights on our helmets but it never hurts to have an extra. Making sure your batteries are charged is also important.

Other good tools to always carry with you are a lock back knife, heavy duty webbing, ear plugs, a dust mask, a wax pencil and at least 2 door chocks. These are all items most firefighters will use regularly.

In this article - What Should All Firefighters Carry With Them? a 10 year Firefighter/EMT veteran gives his opinion on what all firefighters should carry and why.

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