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How Difficult is EMT Training?

How To Succeed And Become A Certified EMT

To succeed in an EMT class or as an EMT in the field requires more than just knowing stuff. It's often asked "How hard is EMT Training"? or "How likely is it that I will succeed at becoming a certified EMT"? Well, for starters, if your EMT class is challenging and you are able to rise to that challenge, it's pretty likely that you will succeed at becoming an EMT. If you EMT class seems "easy" or isn't challenging to you, you're either a genius, have a background in science, anatomy or healthcare or your class isn't fully preparing you to take your exam.

Sean Ewen, executive director for Allied Medical Training, offers some tips on How To Succeed And Become A Certified EMT . His first tip, and probably most important, is to read and study the textbook diligently. You really do need to read and study the book. When taking my EMT Basic class, I found myself reading the book every chance I got. On my lunch breaks, while eating dinner, before bed... All the time. At about 1000 pages there is a lot to cover but don't worry, there are a lot of diagrams and pictures.

You don't need a background in science to do well in an EMT course. Many students go into EMS with little or no background in science. Do your homework and find a class that has a high graduation rate and holds high standards for their students. Check out the rest of these great tips on How to Succeed And Become A Certified EMT.

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