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Denver Paramedic Division Sets New Record For Wildfire Team Deployments

Denver Paramedic Division Sets New Record For Wildfire Team Deployments

As of August 2017, the Denver Health Paramedic Division has sent 15 paramedics to support crews at active wildfires across the country. This is an all time high for the Denver Health Paramedic Division, who's previous record was 13 deployed paramedics. By mid August they had sent paramedics from this specialized group to 10 different states, covering all but three regions of the United States.

The Denver Health Paramedic Division's Wildland Fire Team is the only group to send experienced paramedics, who also have fire training, to wildland fire base camps where they provide medical support to firefighters and other personnel in need.

"When it comes to medical decisions, they have improved decision-making skills and they can make difficult decisions quickly,” Denver Health Paramedic Division Captain Josh Kennedy said. “These men and women take expert training, combined with valuable experience running calls on the streets of Denver, to wildfires all over the U.S. and it's really raising the bar in a dangerous environment."

September is typically a dry month here in Colorado and we tend to see higher wildfire dangers not only here but across the country. We are very proud of our volunteers, as well as paid firefighters and paramedics, who are on the front lines battling these horrific fires.

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