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Letter In Support Of Keeping The Contract With The MTCBPD

On December 5, 2017 two members of the Crested Butte Fire & EMS Volunteer Squad presented a letter to the Gunnison County BOCC in support of keeping the contract with the Mt. Crested Butte Police Department. Here is that letter in its entirety.

On behalf of the Crested Butte Fire & EMS Volunteer Squad, we write today to show our support of continuing the contract between Gunnison County and the Mt. Crested Police Department (MCBPD) for Sheriff services in the north end of the Gunnison Valley and especially the Crested Butte Fire Protection District (CBFPD). The CBFPD and the volunteers of the Crested Butte Fire & EMS Volunteer Squad enjoy the excellent working relationship with the MCBPD and rely on the support they provide, not only to our community members but also to our EMTs and Firefighters. Without exception, MCBPD officers are well trained, courteous, professional, and always willing help us safely do our jobs and better serve our constituents. With decades of experience, joint training, local knowledge, facilities, modern vehicles, modern equipment, and excellent support staff, the value of MCBPD to the Crested Butte Fire & EMS Squad, the CBFPD and members of our community is more than just hours covered or staffing numbers - it is integral to how we do our jobs.

Nearly every call that our volunteers run has the benefit of law enforcement on scene. While scene safety and safety of our personnel is always our first priority, having officers on scene provides important support and added safety to which our personnel have become accustomed. As first responders, we are always able to go right to the patient with the support that Law Enforcement provides. Without that support, our response times, method of response, training, and staffing will be greatly impacted.

The Mt. Crested Butte Police Officers are important team members (in their municipal role and as Gunnison Sheriff's Deputies) in a team that has been intact since the 1980s and comprised of our department, Crested Butte Marshals, Crested Butte Search and Rescue, Crested Butte Ski Patrol, and other agencies. Decades of institutional knowledge and working relationships cannot be replaced in the short-term.

If Gunnison County chooses to not renew the contract with MTCBPD, we ask that staffing and response provided by the County be on par with what MTCBPD currently provides. We also ask for a transition period in which the MTCBPD hands off responsibilities and trains with the new officers responsible for the north end of the Valley. With a transition period, our volunteers, staff members of the CBFPD and the Sheriff's Office can begin to build the relationships we currently enjoy with the MTCBPD and it’s officers.

It is our hope that the status quo be maintained as it works very well. If the County does choose another path, we ask that the Crested Butte Fire & EMS Volunteer Squad and CBFPD be included in talks regarding the transition.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please take a minute and sign the petition in support of keeping the contract with the Mt. Crested Butte Police Department - Click Here.

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